Science and Aeration, New Old and Decrepit November 15, 2013 18:29

Great article from Dr. Vinny on science.  Talks about the need for aeration especially in less mature wines.  Typically the bulk of the US market is under $20 retail which is a 2010 or younger.  Aeration takes that $20 bottle and instantly gives it a more aged appearance.  In addition, in our non scientific after hours tasting we have found that a bottle that has been opened and left for some time benefits from aeration.  We have visited our share of shot and a beer joints and getting a glass of wine in these establishments is hit or miss.  When these mature (read over exposed, stale, lousy) wines are given a new fresh breath drink-ability is remarkably improved.  Cheers! [caption id="attachment_2545" align="alignright" width="160"]to all my friends To all my friends![/caption] To All My Friends!