Wow, what a week for reviews of Aermate January 19, 2014 15:42

We had a lot going on this last week and wanted to post our results for some of our outreach efforts.   Some great web reviews this week and some local TV action.


A New Way to Aerate Your Wine & Spirits

thedailymeal_logo   "The best thing about the Aermate's design is that a quick spritz injects tiny microbubbles that break down and increase surface area contact with the liquid. This maximizes oxygen exposure and total air volume delivered in a very short amount of time. Air holes in the Aermate's Microbubble(tm) tip are half the diameter of a human hair making them finer and smaller than a grain of sand. I did notice the difference most notably on a glass of Chardonnay."

The Aermate Wine and Spirits Aerator review

gadgeteer_logo_2013     "I was surprised and impressed at its material and build quality; it’s actually very well made. The metal shaft and fittings are nicely machined, with the silicone thick yet nearly effortless to use." "the Aerator is definitely easier to use than decanting and quicker than having to wait for your wine to breathe.  The Aermate Aerator is relatively inexpensive and effective at injecting air into your drink.  If you’re looking for a nicely made drinking accessory for yourself, a friend or drinking buddy the Aermate Aerator could be it."