About Us

How We Developed the Ultimate Wine Aeration Tool

We are a couple of guys that have always been interested in making things we drink taste better.  It all started in college.  We experimented with aeration but not necessarily wine!  We won't go into that right now.  We have always dabbled, tinkered and innovated.

Our quest has evolved since those times. The genesis of this work, research and many hours of experimentation is our Aermate™ Wine and Spirits Aerator. Hours of drawing designing and creating our product from scratch have lead us to where we are today.  We have designed and built a patent pending tool to take the guess work out of any and all aeration for wine or spirits. It started in our garage, welding and cutting parts from an industrial supply catalog to a beautifully finished and elegant product.

It is simple, convenient, and durable. It is based upon simple principles of air, liquid and buoyancy. We have also applied our engineering and math skills to ensure that the tool yields the best output possible with the least amount of effort. We have made a product that makes what you drink taste better, so please share the fun. Drinking wine and spirits is about spending time with family and friends, so always enjoy responsibly.