How it Works?


The Aermate Tabletop and Full Bottle Aerators are built on and with the same technology, product performance, and high quality construction and materials.  They both feature lifetime warranty and provide instant and effective aeration like no other product on the market.



Does it Aerate a Single Glass and a Whole Bottle? 

The Aermate is designed to aerate an entire bottle or single glass in seconds. It is  unique in its' design and construction. No other wine aerator or accessory on the market today can match the performance, quality and durability in wine aeration.  The product is made from durable food grade stainless steel and reaches the bottom of most 750 ml bottles.  Other bottle aeration products either rest on top of the bottle or do not infuse the air into the beverage to make any difference in taste.  Pouring systems limit the amount of air and treat every wine the same.  Whether it is a bold Malbec from Argentina, a robust Cabernet Savignon from Napa or a crisp Chardonay from Australia, Aermate will breath the right amount of air you want in your wine.

What Wine or Alcohol Does it Work on?



Wine and spirits are organic and the concept of adding air and letting the product breath is not new.  Decanting wine has been the standard for centuries.  Special glasses for cognac, scotch and tequila offer those beverages an opportunity for aeration.  We have developed a simple and effective tool to aerate all beverages.

The reason that aeration makes these drinks better is that it unlocks the natural flavors that are resident in them.  Bourbon, scotch, wine, tequila are made from organic natural products.  Grains, corn, agave and grapes.  For wine tannins are a plant’s natural acid to protect it.  It actually comes from the German wordTannen meaning tree.   By infusing air it softens the tannins, reduces acidity, lowers sulfite levels and improving drinkability.

You name the beverage and we aerate it.  Red Wine, White Wine, Tequila, Scotch, Whiskey, Absinthe what ever your poison, Aermate opens up the taste and makes it better.

How Does it Compare to Other Wine Aeration Systems?



Aermate™ Wine and Spirits Aerator is unique in its design and construction.  All pouring  aerators are not customizable in the amount of air infused into the beverage.  It’s one pour and your done.  No redo, once it’s out the bottle, you can’t put it back in.  In addition, they are messy, splatter and glass and or plastic breaks easily.  No waiting hours for your wine to decant.  Aerate instantly with Aermate. Several pouring systems use funnels that take time and usually overflow and spill.

Aermate™ Aerator is about functionality and purpose.  Once you use it, it slides in the drawer.  We don’t sell a fancy display unit for it!  What home shows off their wine aerator as a decoration?   Other aerators claim to do a full bottle but are ineffective in the amount of air infused, size and quality of the bubbles and the construction and durability of the product.


How Does it Aerate a Bottle or Glass?



Diffusion not confusion

The Aermate™ Aerator delivers air in the form of tiny microbubbles that break down and increase surface area contact between the liquid and the air.  This maximizes oxygen exposure and total air volume delivered in a very short amount of time.


The Aermate™ Aerator delivers air to the base of the bottle or glass, allowing the exposed oxygen to flow up through the entire beverage.  Rather than blending it and damaging the beverage or attempting to suck  and force air into the liquid we gently infuse the air particles and the slowly rise through the liquid.


The Aermate™ Aerator gently stirs through the liquid while diffusing air into the bottle.  This enhances oxygen exposure to all areas of the beverage.  It ensures that the coverage is good and the the beverage has been allowed to breath and soften.


Why Microbubbles are Better?



It is all about Pi or 3.14159265359 better known by its Greek letter π.  By the way, yes, Aermate™ Aerator works on Ouzo.   The microbubbles produced provide more surface area than one large bubble.  If we need a refresher in geometry here it is.

The Surface area of a sphere = 4 x π x radius squared.

It’s simple… the more bubbles, the more surface area and the more gentle infusion of oxygen into the beverage.  The opening that the air comes through in our Microbubble Tip is half the diameter of a human hair.  The holes are finer and smaller than a grain of sand.



Is the Material Food Safe and Durable?


The Aermate™ Wine and Spirits Aerator is made from food grade stainless steel and silicone.  Just as many of your cookware tools in your kitchen drawer.  We designed it to be durable, long lasting and tough.  It’s a tool, not a toy.  Unlike the “market leader” there are no plastics or glue that could contain chemicals in our device.  There is no glass to break or clean.  There is no special tool to clean the system like our competitors.  It requires no batteries or gimmicky little motors.  Just a few squeezes of your hand that is all it takes. Use and rinse it with warm water.